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Church Online

            We hope all of you are doing well. It's been a challenging time, and the leadership

of our church have been praying for God's wisdom on how to continue to be the church,

worship together, and grow in faith together, but at the same time to protect those in our congregation

who are most vulnerable to COV-19.

            We have decided to dismiss all upcoming services and events through the end of March.

However, we are working on continuing to minister to you and worship with you online.

This Sunday at 10:00 AM, we will be posting our first Online Worship in this Facebook page

and in our new YouTube Channel

            It will include worship, a communion meditation, and a message. We encourage you to

gather as a family and worship with us during that time, but you can also do it later in the day.

We know you have some questions, and here are some answers:

What about prayer requests?
            You can direct message us your prayer requests or use our website’s Prayer Requests

and Contact Form at the end of the Contact Us page to submit requests.

We are working on a regular weekly schedule to have a prayer time together online.

Please stay tuned.

How do I get the announcements or get notify?
            In Facebook, click the “like” and “follow” buttons at the top of this page,

and in YouTube click the “subscribe” and the bell buttons. If you want us to e-mail you or mail you

the prayer list or announcement, let us know. Stay tuned because there is more news to come!

How do I give my tithe and offering?
            You have three ways of doing it. You can mail it to the office, drop it in the office, or give online

at our website

We hope to worship with you this Sunday, let us know what we can do to help you

through this time (or setting up), and stay tuned for the upcoming news and ways to stay connected

and be the church.

                                                                                    Your Pastors and Elders


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