Faith Promise Ministry

This is the program we use to support the missions that this church family supports. In October missions are invited to come and update the church family. Pledge cards are distributed and church family members pledge a certain amount per week/month or year to give to support the missions program.

Picture Of many Feet of Women

Women's Ministry

We encourage women within and outside the church. We meet those needs by encouraging women to grow in their spiritual giftedness into strong women of faith in Jesus Christ, able to lead others to Christ.

Young Adult Ministry

Understand the Gospel and seek God’s grace daily, so that we can be graceful to others.

·         Choose Daily to sacrifice our time and money to apply the parable of the Good Samaritan and "to go and do likewise.”


Children's Ministry

We will focus on these three traits:


Biblical Knowledge


Christ-like Character


Faithful Conduct

Youth Ministry

The mission of our youth ministry is to help our Youth (7th to 12th Grade) trade-in the pursuit of the American Dream, for a world that desperately needs Christ; in other words, to become traders.

Young @ Heart

This over 50 group meets @ 9:00 a.m. each Tuesday morning in Beebe Hall. Coffee, donuts and fellowship is available in Beebe Hall. Young @ Heart pray and take trips together.